Karen Sherwood is the Director of Training, Marketing, and Educational Development at the BG5 Business Institute which is part of the International Human Design School. She has been instrumental in developing the current BG5 curriculum and has a talent for creating simple language and analogies that are immediately recognizable and widely accessible.

To connect with Karen Sherwood:

Email: karen@bg5businessinstitute.com

Web: http://www.bg5businessinstitute.com

YouTube: https://youtu.be/PRBI8eKLyKA

To connect with the hosts visit:

Amy Lee, Human Design Analyst & Guide at holohumandesign.com

John Cole, Human Design Analyst & Astrologer at metamorphichumandesign.com

For more information visit: humandesigncollective.com

For courses and workshops visit: courses.humandesigncollective.com

Music for the Human Design Collective Podcast courtesy of Rollmottle. For more information visit: sentrall.com

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